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Player development is about more than just being great on the ball. As a football player, you will need to develop skills such as passing and receiving; shooting accurately at goal from a distance or close range with your feet set before penalty kicks – all while understanding when it’s time for an off-the-ball movement that could lead directly into scoring another point! 

Our team of coaches are available Monday through Saturday for group and 1 21 coaching, come check us out at Hillington Park, Glasgow.

What are the basic drills in football?

While there are many different skills to consider when it comes time for the “big game” passing and receiving should be at the top of every young football player’s list. In addition to playing it is essential in order to gain possession of an opponent or recover loose balls while shooting can come down to dimensional distribution or technique; both depend on good aim which leads us nicely into decision making with regards to where we want our allotted headings coming from – whether its corner kick tee versus far post area. Dribbling may sound simple but if not done properly could lead directly to losing control.

At Commando Soccer our expert Coaches offer small group classes and 1-2-1 football coaching drills.

Commando Soccer Coaches

The key to a successful coach is one who can relate both parents and players. They should have an understanding of what each person needs from them, whether it be information on how they’re doing in general or just some tips for improvement!


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superb floodlit pitches and friendly staff what's not to like?

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Commando Soccer | TESTIMONIALS

Dont TAke Our Word For It

A great 5g Astro pitch that me and the boys have played on for over a year now couldn't recommend them enough. Staff are as kind and helpful as can be also.


I have been using Commando Soccer for the last six months and can't speak highly enough about the facilities and staff. The 1-2-1 sessions during preseason prepared me really well to hit the ground the running for when I returned to Rangers, and I have since been coming twice a week to continue to top up my fitness. The staff have been brilliant with me and go above and beyond to help me reach my goals.

Josh Mcpake Rangers player

Played on both the 5 and 6 aside pitches and they are some of the best I've played on so far. My son also had his 8th birthday party and a block of 1-1 coaching sessions which he absolutely loved! Couldn't recommend enough.


My son attended his friends Ollie's football party today at Commando X-Fit and the coaches and staff were fantastic with the boys teaching them drills and skills whilst having loads of fun party games. Was a first-class day with loads of red faces and big smiles all around. Would highly recommend for future birthday parties 🥳


Used commando-x football pitches for over a year now and wouldn't go anywhere else. Surface is great, staff are welcoming, and the block booking service is very convenient. Would highly recommend them.

Commando Soccer | Glasgow | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the common questions presented to the team at Commando Soccer Glasgow.  Hope you find what you’re looking for.  Failing that please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0141 883 4391.

The age of 5-7 is when kids should start playing organized football. At this stage, they've developed skills that allow them to control and kick the ball with confidence without any prior training or experience under their belt!

The 8 most important skills to have as a football player are passing and receiving, shooting, decision-making dribbling, heading, touch and ball control. Skills include tricks like heading the ball well or using an acrobatic move when tackling another person's carrier; these require good balance along with speed in order to their work properly!

The skills you need to become a better football player are passing and receiving, shooting, and decision-making. Dribbling Heading Touch & ball control is about technique; running off the ball for power or speed in open field situations - these all come naturally with practice!

The most decorated coach in football history, Sir Alex Ferguson has managed 48 trophies during his managerial career. With him, as your guide and mentor, you will be able to win whatever challenges come up before achieving ultimate victory!

To be a successful coach, you need more than just experience working with children and young people (preferably in sports programs). You should also have Level 1 coaching certification from your local Football Association as well as a UEFA B or C license if possible!

Size 4 is the perfect ball for younger players who are just learning how to play football. It’s smaller, lighter and easier to carry than other sizes so it won't be too challenging on their still-developing bodies!