What is 5 Aside in Football?


5 Aside football is a variation on football in which the teams are smaller than normal. These matches last 25 minutes, and the teams have a five-minute break in between halves. Although the teams are smaller, the rules of the game are similar to other types of football. For example, they have a goalkeeper’s area, […]

Coaching Points For Passing


If you’re coaching a soccer team, you may be wondering how to teach your players the basics of passing. There are a number of different ways to teach passing. This article will discuss tips for Long passes, Hints and disguises, and timing. These tips will help you improve your team’s passing ability. Long passes There […]

What Size is a 5 Aside Goal?


In this article, you will learn about the different sizes of football goalposts and 5 aside goals. Whether you’re starting a new league or simply setting up a friendly game, there are a few factors to consider before purchasing a goal post. These factors include the size of the net, the size of the pitch, […]